Deep Reals - How Digital Authenticity Delivers Real-World Trust

A new era of trust in the AI age

In the ever-evolving digital media landscape of deepfakes and disinformation, a new term encapsulates the growing need for authenticity and truth in our online interactions: "Deep Reals." Coined in a recent post by Grace Carney from Union Square Ventures, this concept perfectly aligns with the innovative capabilities of the Click app. As an early advocate for more authenticity on the Internet, I’m diving into what Deep Reals are and how anyone can harness their power through the Click app.

What are Deep Reals?

Deep Reals represents a paradigm shift in digital content creation and validation. Or, as Grace Carney describes it, “A deep real is an inversion of a deep fake. It’s not assuming everything is real and that we just need to demonstrate something’s fakeness. Rather it assumes everything is fake and that we need to sufficiently demonstrate something’s realness.”

Unlike deep fakes, which are manipulated to deceive, Deep Reals are rooted in verifiable authenticity. They leverage blockchain and advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of media content, making it impossible to tamper with without detection. In an era where misinformation can spread like wildfire, Deep Reals offer a beacon of trust.

The Click App: A Tool for Creating Deep Reals

The Click app, available at, is at the forefront of this movement. Designed for both casual users and professionals, Click enables the creation of Deep Reals with ease. The app integrates seamlessly with smartphones, allowing users to capture photos and videos that are automatically authenticated and secured.

Key Features of Click:

1. Automatic Authentication: Every photo or video captured through Click is immediately authenticated using blockchain technology. This ensures that the content is time-stamped and its origin is verified.

2. Provenance Tracking: Click tracks the entire lifecycle of a media file, providing a detailed history of where, when, and how it was created and shared. It supports the new industry standard for content provenance C2PA.

3. Tamper-Proof: The app's trusted environment employs sophisticated cryptographic techniques and technologies used by banking apps to make any unauthorized alterations detectable. Users can trust that their content remains as they intended. 

4. User-Friendly Interface: Despite its advanced capabilities, Click offers an intuitive interface, making the creation of Deep Reals accessible to anyone, regardless of technical expertise.

5. Easily shared: Any Deep Real can easily be shared online on websites, social media, or any messaging platform using short links. Click Deep Reals links are comparable to YouTube videos and links.

6. Digital witnesses: The Click app is built on top of the Nodle network, and any participating mobile node will soon become a digital witness, enhancing the proof that a Click user really shot a photo or a video in the location and time indicated by the deep real.

Why Do Deep Reals Matter?

The line between reality and fabrication is increasingly blurred in today's digital age. Deep fakes have shown us the dark side of artificial intelligence, where videos and images can be manipulated to spread falsehoods. Deep Reals, on the other hand, harness the power of technology for good. They provide a way to counteract misinformation, restore trust in digital content, and protect individuals and organizations from reputational damage.

Real-World Applications

The potential applications for Deep Reals are vast. Journalists can use Click to ensure the integrity of their reporting, knowing that their media cannot be tampered with. Legal professionals can potentially rely on authenticated content as evidence in court. Citizens can prove incidents and local moments in their cities and municipalities. Everyday users can preserve their personal memories with the assurance that they remain genuine and own the content they share on social platforms. The Click app’s ability to democratize the creation of Deep Reals makes it a powerful tool in the fight against disinformation. In addition, all Click Deep Reals provide ownership and a way to trace that ownership, enabling users and creators to receive tips and attribution for their creations and payments for using their content. 

As our digital world expands, the importance of authenticity and trust cannot be overstated. Deep Reals, enabled by the innovative Click app, offers a promising solution to the challenges posed by deep fakes and other forms of digital manipulation. By making the creation of verifiable media accessible to all, Click is not just redefining digital content—it’s helping to build a more trustworthy internet for everyone. 

Come join us on this mission.

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